Thermal Grizzly Remove 10ml

$ 16.0

Thermal Grizzly Remove 10ml

TG Remove is a special cleaner that has been specially developed to remove thermal paste . The nano-cleaner based on acetone achieves not only deep cleaning of surfaces, but also a degreasing effect. This allows both conventional thermal paste and liquid metal thermal paste to be removed safely and reliably.

Due to the degreasing effect , the TG Remove cleaner is particularly suitable for optimally preparing the surface for use with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut.

Technical details:
– Contents: 10 ml (for 10 to 20 applications)
– Application temperature: room temperature
– Colour: transparent
– Viscosity: thin
– Electrical conductivity *: 6.3 · 10? 7 S * m? 1
– Typical application: CPUs, GPUs, notebooks, ICs



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